100% Design London

24-27 September 2009, new exhbition with my collective Puff and Flock at 100% Design with Designersblock in London.


Printed Inflatable Experiences
By Elisabeth Buecher and Amelie Labarthe


‘Godzillamide’ is a «Jack in the box» inflatable installation designed to challenge you in a fun way. People were invited to play with its different parts. A new way of exploring textiles through unexpected sensations and a lot of fun!

Come and play with the popping hamburgers, infernal towers and swinging chips. You can also experience how it feels to sit on balloons whilst a pyramide of cubes inflates around you!

‘Just Landed’

‘Just Landed’ is a gigantic living and breathing cushion, a fabric balloon lighter than air.

Amelie Labarthe and Elisabeth Buecher wanted to bring decoration and sensuality into the usually plain colour surfaces world of inflatables. They invite you to feel, touch, hug, roll, wrap around you, for a unique experience of lightness, softness and playfulness. The new improved version will also be a surprising seating, a mix of air and foam for a unique experience of fun and relaxation!

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