"This Ain't No Hymn" music video for Saint Saviour

I designed the costumes on this music video. Single "This Ain't No Hymn" by the British electronic artist Saint Saviour (nominated for the Grammy awards 2011).

The queen of the jellyfish, eerie and magistral, dances in the middle of her creatures. The costumes are embroided with electroluminescent wires and bright LEDs.

The dress of the singer has three interchangeable skirts that the dancers manipulate like gigantic veils to wrap, hide and reveal their queen. They imitate the graceful motion of the jellyfish.

Video shot by DOBLE R (Rafa Pavon & Ricardo Uhagon) for Watergun.

Special thank you to Georgia Bossom who asssited me.

Photos n.6,7,8 by Brian Lyons