Puff and Flock

I am one of the founder of the award-winning collective Puff and Flock, a design group dedicated to the future of textiles. We regularly collaborate and exhibit together in England and internationally (New York, Milan, London, Birmingham). We often exhibit with Designersblock and work for companies such as Ercol and Toray to reinterpret their furniture and fabric. We recently won the Creative Enterprise Award for Artistic Colaboration 2011.

Puff & Flock is a collective of eight female textile designers based in London. Using a research and lab based approach; they draw inspiration from many diverse sources to create their innovative and smart textile. While focusing on delivering conceptual and experimental projects, they also work commercially with a number of companies and regularly exhibit internationally.

Their portfolio includes urban upholstery, magnetic wall panels, affective and luminescent cushions, inflatable shower curtains, modular canopies and tectonic wallpapers. 

We share a studio at the in Hackney (London).

Puff & Flock are: Jo Angell, Elisabeth Buecher, Melissa French, Amelie Labarthe, Jenny Leary, Aurélie Mossé, Kathy Schicker and Aysseline Roy.

From top left: Aurelie Mosse, Jenny Leary, Jo Angel, me, Kathy Schicker, Melissa french and Amelie Labarthe in Milan 2009.

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